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Buckeye Lifestyle Magazine is Columbus’ premier lifestyle magazine and the best resource for women on the go.  The sophisticated quarterly magazine features Central Ohio’s smartest, relevant and most exclusive content for women who want to get the most out of life in Columbus.  Every issue features: successful local leaders, community causes, events around town, new businesses, the latest fashions and trends, the chicest homes and décor, entertaining tips, amazing recipes, best travel destinations, girls night out suggestions, gift ideas, inspiration and MUCH more.

Editors-letter-image_summer-2017As a little girl, I spent many hours cutting my favorite pages out of fashion magazines, gluing them onto notebook paper and using colorful yarn to “bind” the pages together creating a “magazine”. I learned to see beauty in everything. I recognize that this may have been the beginning of a journey.

Welcome to the two-year anniversary issue of Buckeye Lifestyle magazine. Our mission is to empower women in Columbus. We have so many amazing women who are doing extraordinary things right here in Columbus, and our goal is to tell their story. We are here to celebrate and honor the wonderful things happening in this city, and you will find that everything we cover is local.

We wanted this issue to be extra special since it’s the anniversary issue, but it didn’t come without its challenges. We had to reschedule the fashion shoot several times because of snow — yes snow — in April. We were privileged and honored to shoot the summer fashion on the water at Buckeye Lake Yacht Club, and the shoot features the latest looks from Columbus’ finest boutiques.

Our cover story is about Dr. Shari Hicks-Graham, a doctor and innovative entrepreneur who saw a problem and came up with a new product (LivSo) to solve it. She conducted clinical trials until LivSo was perfected. The brand is now one year old and has been featured in national beauty magazines. We are excited and honored to tell the story of this Columbus native who is making national, and hopefully soon, international headlines.

We also featured Celeste Malvar-Stewart, a fashion designer who works with local farms to use alpaca and sheep’s wool to create sustainable, one-of-a-kind fashion designs—truly fashion with a purpose.

Adoption is an act of selfless love. Read about the journeys three Columbus families went through to find their forever families.

As you read in the last issue, real estate in Columbus is on fire, so many people have elected to stay in their homes and update them. Learn about the new kitchen trends in this season’s issue.

Seafood provides a range of health benefits, and many local restaurants have it flown in fresh daily. We took a tour and selected some of the most delectable seafood being served in Columbus.

We hope you enjoy the two-year anniversary issue of Buckeye Lifestyle and that you will find fresh stories with a creative approach.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this issue.

Jasmin & Al Tucker

P.S. We now have five issues per year and you can give the gift of Buckeye Lifestyle to a friend. Feel free to contact us for a subscription.