About Us

Buckeye Lifestyle Magazine is Columbus’ premier lifestyle magazine and the best resource for women on the go.  The sophisticated quarterly magazine features Central Ohio’s smartest, relevant and most exclusive content for women who want to get the most out of life in Columbus.  Every issue features: successful local leaders, community causes, events around town, new businesses, the latest fashions and trends, the chicest homes and décor, entertaining tips, amazing recipes, best travel destinations, girls night out suggestions, gift ideas, inspiration and MUCH more.


This issue has been an emotional one for us.  It’s official—Buckeye Lifestyle is one year old! The magazine has grown a lot during that time. Also, our twin boys just graduated from high school, turned 18 years old and are preparing to go to college in the fall. I never expected all the tears. It’s an exciting time, so we put some extra love in this issue because of all the emotion we are experiencing.

Summer is here, and it’s a great time to be in this thriving city. Columbus is booming and people are noticing—it was recently declared a Smart City, and there are exciting real estate developments around town, so it’s no wonder people want to make Columbus their home. In this issue we have featured Jacob Neal, the man who has reinvented himself many times over. He left NYC and has made Columbus his home for 25 years now! He is such a trendsetter and a creative person—we hope you will enjoy reading about his journey.

We covered some of the most mouthwatering pizza restaurants in Columbus. Pizza is many people’s favorite food, and it has really evolved and changed over the years.

Our hot summer fashion was photographed at the Easton Town Center. You will find a host of gorgeous looks from floral one-shoulder prints to wide-leg pants, as well as bright vivid colors and stunning sandals. We hope you find something you can’t live without. Enjoy the gorgeous trends from local boutiques and local models.

Do you avoid the sun, or are you a sun worshiper? Read how you can protect you skin so it will be beautiful for years to come.

So many people suffer from headaches, including many on our staff. We met with Dr. Douglas Endel and learned how people might be able to prevent these frequent headaches with some minor changes in lifestyle.

Love to decorate, but not really sure where to start? We are excited to share what is hot in décor for 2017. Read on to find out what local interior designers are doing to update homes this season.

Makeup should be fun, not overwhelming. We met with Tim Maurer to find out the latest techniques and trends for a fresh face this summer.

Want a romantic weekend getaway? The Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio may be the perfect option. Built in 1812 and recently renovated, the inn enables its guests to experience beauty, history and charm with only a 40-minute drive.

We tasked the team with bringing in fresh thinking, reverse thinking, big ideas and a new, more diverse and inclusive approach.

We hope you enjoy this issue and find inspiration!

Jasmin & Al Tucker