Domestic Violence

Although there are many resources available today for prevention, education, support, escape and healing, the threat of domestic violence is still widespread in our community. Domestic violence is not limited by age, sex, race, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation or anything…

Top Your Steak at Columbus’ Top Steakhouses

Top Your Steak at Columbus’ Top Steakhouses

Many food trends come and go, but a true steakhouse is a classic go-to restaurant. It is the place where families go for special occasions, businesses entertain clients, and meat lovers flock to. A great steak is like nothing else….


The Passion to Unite and Live Active

What better way could there be to experiment with fitness and wellness than by starting with oneself? That is exactly what Sami Bossert thought when she decided to take on a personal training side gig during nursing school at The…


Organic Beauty Hacks

Raw, Organic Honey – The Anti-aging Secret Honey that is 100% natural, organic and raw has healing properties with both internal and external use. Consuming honey has been known to improve heart health, heal wounds and increase antioxidants in the…