Jeny Thomson – Crystal Top Jewelry

As a trained hair stylist, it was only natural that Jeny Thomson would find another creative outlet in fashioning hair accessories. At the young age of 19, she found a side gig in her company called Nature’s Accessories. Living in…


Easton Town Center Celebrates 20 Years

If you live in or around the Columbus area, Easton is a household name. Not only do people go there to shop, but they can enjoy celebrations with family and friends in one of the many restaurants, stroll through the…


Contemporary Cocktails

Social gatherings abound this time of year. Whether you are celebrating the holiday or kicking off the new year with family and friends, cocktails are always in order. Here is a sampling of some of the unique, trendy and classic…


Domestic Violence

Although there are many resources available today for prevention, education, support, escape and healing, the threat of domestic violence is still widespread in our community. Domestic violence is not limited by age, sex, race, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation or anything…

Top Your Steak at Columbus’ Top Steakhouses

Top Your Steak at Columbus’ Top Steakhouses

Many food trends come and go, but a true steakhouse is a classic go-to restaurant. It is the place where families go for special occasions, businesses entertain clients, and meat lovers flock to. A great steak is like nothing else….