Buckeye Cruise for Cancer

The five-day, Buckeye Cruise for Cancer departed Feb. 25 and hit spots like CocoCay and Nassau while spending the rest frolicking through the Caribbean Sea. The 10th annual cruise included everyone from Urban and Shelly Meyer to Rascal Flatts and thousands of other supportive Buckeye fans. The 2017 Buckeye Cruise for Cancer raised $2.5 million for cancer research.


From top left: 1. Urban Meyer
2. Rascal Flatts
3. Cynthia Davis, MDizzle, Brian Davis
4. Susan Yingling, Shawn Cary, LaDonna Solove
5. Scoonie Penn Cornhole Tournament
6. Scoonie Penn
7. Andrea and Steve Jagger
8. Chris Davis, Vicki Damiani
9. Julie and Tom Foster, Cindy Aldan
10. Barb and Jeff Howard
11. Tom and Susie Allen, George and Beth Simeon
12. Wes and Jill Martin
13. Don and Donna Severance, Tricia and Rick Severance
14. Brutus Buckeye

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