Buckeye Lifestyle Release Party


Buckeye Lifestyle’s summer release party was held at the new Standard Hall Restaurant and Bar in the Short North. It was a private sneak peek prior to the opening of Standard Hall, an industrial-chic spot featuring made-from-scratch food, beer and other house drinks. About 350 people attended the launch which included a fashion show, giveaways, swag bags and unique cocktails, including a frozen champagne popsicle.


From top left: 1. Shannon Williams, Amy Williams, Staley Jophiel Munroe, Andrew Newman 2. Kelly Decker, Carissa Abele 3. Andrea Walton, Rachel Myers, Nancy Wasserstrom 4. Val Tyree, Carol Rice 5. Kaitlin Southworth, Kathy Southworth, Monica Patton 6. Al Tucker, Jasmin Tucker, Tom Gilligan 7. Alex Tucker, Ashley Belkofer, McKenzie Severance, Reed Tucker 8. Toi Vivo, Al Vivo, Chris Corso 9. Alan Goodman, Sarah Goodman, Dianne Goodman 10. Dennis and Elaine Howard 11. Kurt Ruen, Lindsay Fork 12. Nicci Sprouse, Sara Guiliani 13. Debbie Byers, Tom Thon, Bev Soult 14. Heather Rice, Randy Knutti 15. Kelly and Frank Moricca 16. Dr. Rakesh Nanda, Joni Regula, Lindsay Pitstick 17. Thomas McClure, Kelli Ciola, Khola Waddy-Jones 18. Greg Karlik, Janice Shepherd, Frank Fraas 19. Maren Roth, Marcy Fleisher


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