CAPS Grand Opening Gala


On November 4, 2016 Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery celebrated the grand opening of their new location in Upper Arlington. The ribbon cutting and gala celebration was attended by 300 people.




From top left: 1. Tyler Angelos, MD, Robert Heck, MD, FACS, Susan Vasko, MD, FACS, John Wakelin, MD, FACS – Image CAPS Ribbon Cutting 2. Mark and Christen Hawthorne 3. Jen Soloman, Grace Schmitt 4. Randy Mather, Louis Tsamous 5. Dr. Robert and Jennifer Heck 6. Natalie McCurdy, Heather Marter, Karen Ragaini 7. Jessica Simmons, Janaya Henry 8. Abigail and Andrew Fredelake 9. Kelley Douglas, Jim Rullo 10. Sue and Dr. Michael Mulligan, James Hutta, Amber Fox 11. Layne Dreven, Clark May 12. Jennifer Heck, Christen Hawthorne, Manderly Prophater

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