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Redefining Outdoor Living


With summer in full bloom, many central Ohioans are looking forward to spending time outdoors. Whether your outdoor living space is a sprawling suburban yard or a smaller city patio–quality outdoor living spaces are crucial to making the most of…


REFRESHing Home Decor


When it comes to home decor, out with the old, in with the new is the trend. This doesn’t mean getting rid of everything that is old or even antique; it’s about accenting those pieces with something new and chic…


Nature’s Way to Clean


While cleaning products are intended to leave your home more sanitary, the health impact caused by the toxic ingredients may be more than you bargained for. Many household cleaning products give the impression that they have extra strong germ-eliminating powers;…


2018 Kitchen Updates


For years, kitchens have been more than just a place to prepare meals; they are the heart of the home. People gather in the kitchen for sharing meals, doing homework, entertaining friends and even relaxing with family in the evening…


2017 Decorating Trends


Summer is the season of bright colors and sunshine, so it’s the perfect time to revamp old, monochromatic rooms with a breath of fresh air. The hot summer decorating trends are bright and bold colors mixed with patterns to create…


2017 Home Remodeling Trends


As spring approaches, people often start looking for ways to improve their lives, whether it’s taking on a new hobby, ex-ercising or revamping their homes for renewed inspiration. This year’s remodeling trends incorporate robust colors, a modernistic approach to traditional designs…