The Historical Punderson Manor Resort


Most of our days are filled with long hours of fulfilling tasks, meeting deadlines, running errands, making sure everyone gets where they need to be and checking off items on our to-do lists. Often there is little time to refresh….


Ohio’s Escape to the Lake


It’s hard to believe that the great state of Ohio has over 220 lakes! There are 110 natural lakes in Ohio larger than five acres and 113 artificial inland lakes within Ohio, with a surface area greater than 100 acres.


Touring Columbus


As we move from one thing to another in our daily lives here in Columbus, Ohio, we may not even realize some of the amazing things about our city. There are history, fun facts and top rankings for some pretty…


Short Drive to the Best Ski Resorts


While some people would rather run south for warmer weather in winter, there is a better way that many Columbus residents have found to enjoy the north’s cooler climate. There are several ski resorts within only a few hours drive…


Columbus B&B’s


Travel is something that people do every year, regardless of whether it’s for business or pleasure, and the accommodations can really make or break the entire experience. Especially during the cooler months of fall when the leaves are turning and…


Truly Whole


People always talks about working on their summer bodies as the warmer months arrive. They go to the gym, try juice cleanses and push their bodies to be the best they can be. That sort of effort can be rewarding…


Grab Life by the Reins


No matter how much time has passed since cowboys were the celebrities of the day, the Wild West remains a point of fascination for most people and has even been made into a very popular TV show. The fantasy of…


Romantic Getaways – Seeking the Spark


Spring is a season of growth, a time when things start over fresh and life begins again. People begin cleaning up their lives, both inside and out, re-evaluating their priorities and making plans to change themselves for the better. However,…


Travel Ohio’s Ice Wine Country


When people think of wine country, the sweeping vistas of Italy and France most often come to mind, as well as the more accessible Napa Valley in California. However, these are not the only places famous for their wines. The…