Experience the Art and Soul of Columbus


Normal has taken on a new meaning this year. One significant change in people’s lives has been their favorite pastimes being put on hold, which can quickly affect their physical, mental and emotional health. During these challenging times, it is…


Coasting on Island Time


The sun’s thin, tentative warmth barely hints at spring’s impending bloom. The still-brown hills deceptively hide the halting rise of sap that will soon break into timid flutters of pale green life. But in a few short weeks, the pale…


The Historical Punderson Manor Resort


Most of our days are filled with long hours of fulfilling tasks, meeting deadlines, running errands, making sure everyone gets where they need to be and checking off items on our to-do lists. Often there is little time to refresh….


Ohio’s Escape to the Lake


It’s hard to believe that the great state of Ohio has over 220 lakes! There are 110 natural lakes in Ohio larger than five acres and 113 artificial inland lakes within Ohio, with a surface area greater than 100 acres.


Touring Columbus


As we move from one thing to another in our daily lives here in Columbus, Ohio, we may not even realize some of the amazing things about our city. There are history, fun facts and top rankings for some pretty…


Short Drive to the Best Ski Resorts


While some people would rather run south for warmer weather in winter, there is a better way that many Columbus residents have found to enjoy the north’s cooler climate. There are several ski resorts within only a few hours drive…