Grab Life by the Reins


No matter how much time has passed since cowboys were the celebrities of the day, the Wild West remains a point of fascination for most people and has even been made into a very popular TV show. The fantasy of…


Romantic Getaways – Seeking the Spark


Spring is a season of growth, a time when things start over fresh and life begins again. People begin cleaning up their lives, both inside and out, re-evaluating their priorities and making plans to change themselves for the better. However,…


Travel Ohio’s Ice Wine Country


When people think of wine country, the sweeping vistas of Italy and France most often come to mind, as well as the more accessible Napa Valley in California. However, these are not the only places famous for their wines. The…


Hocking Hills


Hocking Hills is a land full of rolling hills and expansive forests, and the picturesque view brings to mind something out of a movie. The roads wind through the landscape with ease, and around each bend lies the possibility of…


The Buxton Inn, Historical Charm


Ethel Houston Bounell, better known as Bonnie, sat at her dark wooden desk stroking her gray cat, Major, and contemplated her recent purchase. The year before, the former opera singer had lost her husband Carl, who was fourteen years her…


Landolls Mohican Castle


Though not many people think of Ohio as a vacation destination, the Buckeye state has many unexpected getaways to offer those in need of an escape. Once such example is Landoll’s Mohican Castle, a hotel and event facility nestled in…