Chandelier Gala


The Black-Tie Chandelier Gala, held September 18, 2016 at Villa Milano was host to 150 guests. The event features a formal dinner, dancing and high fashion. Part of the event proceeds benefit the cancer society and Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centers. The event is proud to support youth in fashion and design through scholarship, awards and recognition.


From top left: 1. Darci Edwards 2. Juan Jose Saenz-Ferreyros 3. Ivy Bithiah, Brandy Jackson, Erica Fitzgerald, Darci Edwards, Bea Foster, Juan Jose Saenz-Ferreyros, Yolanda Ray, Tomi Jones, Jamez Aloha, Tonja Scott, Bill Bartolini, Naomi Lofton, Kentwaun Turner 4. Bea Foster and Juan Jose Saenz-Ferreyros

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