Expert Eyes


The eyes are often called the windows to the soul, and many people say that the eyes are what first attracts them to others. Because of the importance of the eyes to a person’s appearance, it makes sense to give them individualized attention. Whether the eyes are perfectly symmetrical or close-set, many novice makeup artists make the mistake of using the same techniques on all their clients, often becoming timid when faced with a more unusual eye shape. Rather than ignoring these differences, here are some ways to celebrate and bring out the best in every eye.

Deep Set Eyes


Begin by applying a shadow that is flesh-toned on the entire lid, fading it up into the crease. Next, use a shadow one or two shades lighter than the base and begin application directly under the brow, blending right over the top of the first shade. It is not recommended for this eye shape to use eyeliner on the upper lash line, as dark contrast makes things recede. Also try to keep the brows very natural since they are already the most forward part of the eye.

Small or Narrow



Just as dark colors make things recede on forward features, light colors highlight weaker features. Using lighter shades creates the illusion of a more substantial space. Try dusting a color several shades lighter than the base skin tone over the entire eye, covering from the lash line all the way to the brow. Rather than shading the crease, use mascara to create the desired volume and the illusion of a dramatic liner. is will help make the eyes look more open. Making the brows more of a focus will also help the eye appear larger and less narrow.

Droopy or Puffy


Droopiness or puffiness (not to be confused with dark pigmentation) is best handled with less makeup rather than more. Age can contribute to puffiness and drooping around the eye, since older skintends to lose its elasticity and retain more water. When it comes to concealing problem areas, less is usually more, and using a lighter concealer can make any swelling look worse. Make sure to apply a good amount of mascara to bring the eyes forward.

Wide Set



This type of eye is less common than others, but it lends itself well to a high fashion look. If the eye area seems to be wide set, use darker shades towards the nose to soften the distance. Apply mascara and liner more heavily, since this eye shape can be more dramatic and still achieve a natural overall effect. Even using techniques like rimming the inner edges of the eyes in soft earth tones can look subtle and pleasing. Applying blush at the center of the face, close to the nose, will also help diminish the wider look.

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