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The origin of the earliest form of sushi is in the paddy fields along the Mekong river in Southeast Asia. Fish was fermented with salt and rice in order to control putrefaction. It wasn’t until much later in the Japanese culture that fish and rice were eaten together. Today’s style of nigirizushi, consuming fish draped over an oblong mound of rice, became popular in the 1820s or 1830s.

Any lover of this Japanese cuisine knows that there are many different types of sushi and the presentation is also a part of the experience that makes your table break out their phones to make sure their next Instagram post is the envy of all of their friends.

Here in Columbus, our love for sushi is strong. Most neighborhoods have a local favorite and many popular, non-sushi restaurants offer sushi on their menu. Our spring food feature is as pleasant to the eye as it will be to the palate when you visit some of these fine, local Japanese restaurants.

Photography by Al Tucker


Tora Omakase Sasami


The entire table will be awed by the presentation of this spectacular display! There is certainly a little something for everyone. Guests will enjoy Toro (Bluefin Tuna Belly), White Tuna (Escolar), Tobiko (Flying Fish Eggs), Bluefin Tuna, King Salmon, Eagles Eye Roll, and Know Mountain Roll.

Available at: Tora
Price: $100

Kamikaze Roll


This featured roll at Royal Ginger explodes with flavor. It is filled with shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, eel, and tuna and finished off with signature sauces. It is a meal all by itself!

Available at: Royal Ginger
Price: $15

Boat for One


This breathtaking entrée is intended to be for one, but there is plenty to share. For those on the adventurous side, much of this boat is chef’s choice. Featured for us is tuna and salmon sushi, salmon roe sushi, a tuna roll, a salmon roll, and a Mermaid Roll.

Available at: Sapporo Sushi Factory
Price: $32.85