Life Coaching – Preparing you for the ride of your life


Life Coaching is about preparing you for the ride of your life by steering you toward a destination known as transformation. It’s about packing you with the key essentials to navigate with confidence and to know your direction.

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Katrina-Levy-ZidelIt’s about expanding your vision beyond the current boundaries of comfort and out to the horizon where infinite possibilities are waiting to be discovered. It’s about clearing a path and the obstacles in your way as you take the wheel and step on the gas. Your journey is unique to you, but one truth is absolute for all, you can be a passenger and go along for the ride or you can choose your bold adventure and enjoy the ride of your life.

Before embarking on your journey, you will want to ensure you are in possession of the most essential item of all, an updated and renewed version of your personal identification. Updating your identification allows you to authenticate the details that define who you are today so that you can live into the truest version of yourself.

This can be done by openly examining your current life situation and identifying your beliefs, your behaviors, and the choices that are creating your reality today. Life Coaches help you see you through a new lens to discover and define your highest self, rather than defaulting into a suppressed version of you thought you should be. Coaching is about supporting you in rewriting your life blueprint, inked in your truths, your desires, your choices and confident in the authenticity of who you choose to be.

Once packed with this key essential, you are ready for the best part of all, choosing your bold adventure. You get to use your imagination, play in the realm of possibilities and decide with clear intention where you want to go. Coaching is about discovery and drawing out your gifts, it is about pushing you beyond the boundaries of comfort and to your farthest edge. Coaching is about bringing a customized plan into focus and developing a strategy to get you to your desired destination. Coaching is about expanding your vision and living out your full potential, by being brave enough to fail and committed enough to succeed.

Most importantly, coaching is about helping you see that sharing your gifts with the world and contributing to something bigger than yourself is the best gift of all. Navigating your course successfully will require an awareness of the obstacles, barriers and road blocks that could be encountered along the way. It will take a mindful awareness and a keen eye to spot them early and to know how to overcome the ones that appear in your way.

Think back to a time when you wanted to improve your life by creating a big change, achieving a goal or trying something new. You started out full of excitement and determination to succeed, only to find yourself frustrated and eventually stuck, because you fell right back into your old ways. You have most likely had this experience more times than you wish to admit, but it is through your ability to bring awareness to it that allows you to see it coming and make the shifts necessary to keep you on course.

Coaching is about disrupting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are not supporting your growth and replacing them with conscious awareness, clear intention and bold action to experience the journey of a lifetime. Coaching is about helping you take ownership and accountability for who you want to be and what you want to achieve. Coaching allows you to see that you are the captain of your own ship, and can steer your life confidently in any direction you desire. Simply put, coaching is about the realization of how truly remarkable you are!

Coaching is all about you and what you wish to create in this lifetime. It is about seeking growth, improving your life and achieving all that you can imagine. There is no magic, only a willingness to change and a relentless commitment to make shifts that create magnificent transformation. The choice is yours – you can go along for the ride or you can choose bold adventures and enjoy the ride of your life.