My Letter To Hope



letter-to-hope-startDear Hope,

I use you in my conversations every day to express to people how much I care about them, and yet I realize your value goes well beyond a nicety. I want you to know how much you mean to me and how grateful I am to have you in my life. We have developed a strong bond and my appreciation for you is rooted in the impressiveness of the power you harness.

By power, I mean your ability to influence a belief that courageous goals are attainable, and the future is full of limitless possibilities. Your power to renew optimism in challenging times and inspire confidence in an outcome that is better than today.  And finally, your power to encourage action toward a new direction, despite the uncertainty of the final destination.

I have to admit we weren’t always as close as we are now, we had what I considered to be an acquaintanceship that developed into an unbreakable bond. Our bond was formed in that pivotal moment where I had been through a barrage of difficult life events that left me feeling astray and headed toward a destination where no one ever intends to go. It’s a place you get to when your GPS is broken, your directions don’t make sense and your internal compass has gone haywire. It’s a place I simply referred to as, “Lost.”

As I sat there in a frenzied state of mind, I felt scared, alone and unsure of which way to proceed. I desperately wanted to be rescued, but I couldn’t explain where to even search.  I remember closing my eyes in that moment and sinking into the stillness while slowly taking in deep breaths of air. It was in that stillness where I thought of you and asked for your guidance. What happened next will stick with me forever and the reason for my letter today.

I experienced an uncanny, yet comforting feeling as I sensed a presence that let me know you were there. In that moment we made an agreement which was built on what I like to call blind trust. It was a pact that stood on the power of your word and mine. You agreed to always be there for me and I agreed to always believe that there were possibilities ahead. I certainly had my doubts, but your optimism was extremely convincing, and I had given my word.

I felt a confidence rise inside of me and a crystal clarity that allowed me to see I wasn’t lost after all; I had just become disoriented along the way. You helped me recalibrate my internal compass and navigate in a new direction equipped with optimism, courage, and hope by my side.

I know that my experience with you is not an anomaly, your impact has been found to go well beyond the depths of what I experienced and into the impressiveness I spoke about in the beginning. Your impact has long been researched, philosophized and scientifically proven by experts to have a positive influence on the quality of life. These experts have gone on to sing your praises by associating your impact with improving physical and mental health, mood, behavior and so much more.

Although their findings are magnificent, I can’t expect for everyone to jump on board and feel the way I do about you.  You are a bit of a mystery which makes you complex and difficult to explain and causes you to be misunderstood and sometimes undervalued. I have found the best way to measure your value is by imagining the world without you in it. It is then that I can appreciate the impressiveness of the power you harness and how grateful I am to have you in my life.

I think back to our agreement and your unwavering conviction to guide me forward and I remind myself that no matter what I am going through, as long as I have you in my life, any road is worth traveling.  This letter is to thank you for helping me believe in the power of one – one word, one agreement, one action, and one person can have an impact on this one world in a way that is transformational. Thank you for giving yourself to us for a better tomorrow.

letter-endP.S. I hope this letter finds you well!