Palette Pleasing Pastries

The European tradition of pastry-making is often traced back to the shortcrust era of flaky doughs that were in use throughout the Mediterranean in ancient times.  In the nineteenth century, the term more often referred to the sweet and often ornate confections implied today. A good pastry is light and airy and fatty, but firm enough to support the weight of the filling.

It is a perfect time of year to enjoy these sweet treats with loved ones. They are a great addition to any holiday gathering. We traveled throughout Columbus to showcase some of the very best pastries we could find.

Photography by: Al Tucker

Mozart’s Restaurant, Bakery, Piano Cafe

Petit Fours & Pastry


A selection of the most popular European miniature pastries! Selections include chocolate, lemon, and vanilla Petit Fours; Amaretto and Bourbon truffles; signature Marzipan peach. This selection is the perfect gift to brighten anyone’s holiday.

Available at: Mozart’s Bakery
Price: $24.95

Schneider’s Bakery

Hungarian Strudel


A Hungarian tradition. This delicious strudel has rich layers of raspberry, raisin, pecans, and cinnamon sugar rolled together in a delicate pastry. Perfect as a complement to a meal, a tea-time snack, or breakfast treat.

Available at: Schneider’s Bakery
Price: $1.75 per piece or $10 for a strudel log

The Original Goodie Shop

Cookie Assortment


The Original Goodie Shop (Tremont Goodie Shop) is a family-owned bakery nestled in Upper Arlington.. For 65 years, they have been serving customers handmade bakery treats. Changing with the seasons, The Original Goodie Shop offers a selection of cookies that will be a welcome treat to all ages, as well as a whimsical display during your holiday celebration.

Available at: The Original Goodie Shop
Price: Range by assortment

Espresso Air Coffee Terminal

Pistachio Pinwhell Baklava


A homemade Turkish delight! Filo dough is hand-rolled and filled with pistachios imported from Istanbul, Turkey, and topped with lime syrup. These confections are traditionally served with Turkish tea and a scoop of ice cream.

Available at: Espresso Air Coffee Terminal
Price: $2.90

Golden Delight

Strawberry Cake


This strawberry cake, as we know it in the United States, was derived from the Japanese Strawberry Shortcake. This delicate cake is layered with sponge cake, fresh strawberry slices, whipped cream filling, and whipped cream frosting. This light and airy treat is a perfect complement to your holiday meal.

Available at: Golden Delight Bakery
Price: $15 – $22

La Chatelaine Bakery

Fresh Fruit Tart


Fresh, colorful, and bursting with juicy fruit! This deliciously sweet pastry crust is filled with rich pastry cream, an array of fresh fruits and a fruit tart glaze. This French fruit tart makes a showstopper dessert that is perfect as an individual treat or shared.

Available at: La Chatelaine Bakery
Price: $5.25 Individual; 9 Inch $27.50