Perfect Procedures For the Fall


Buckeye Lifestyle met with some top specialists in Columbus about their areas of expertise and why now is the perfect time to get these procedures scheduled.

Some of today’s most popular cosmetic procedures are about to get their own workout. The fall and winter months are very popular for cosmetic procedures for obvious reasons: there is less exposure to sunlight in the colder months, covering up in layers is more comfortable, and people are generally less active. The upcoming gift season is a perfect time to give, or get, that wish list procedure.



Now there is a way to reduce excess chin and jowl fat without surgery. New to Columbus, Kybella is the only non-surgical procedure to dissolve the fat that deposits in the chin and jowl area. This is one area of the body that is difficult to exercise, says Dr. Shari Hicks-Graham of Downtown Dermatology. Losing weight isn’t always enough to change the area.This innovative injectable, approved by the FDA, contains deoxycholic acid which is a naturally-occurring acid found in the body.

This acid aids in dissolving fat, and when injected directly into the fatty area, it works quicker to dissolve the fat and naturally release it from the body. This quick and easy procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. Because it is fashionable this time of year to accessorize with a cute scarf or a high collar, clients can discreetly cover up while they heal and allow the treatment to work its magic.



The skin is the largest organ in the body, and most people are pretty rough on it. Over time, sun exposure, products, diet and aging can cause damage to the skin, such as sun spots, brown spots, blemishes, and fine lines. Dr. Rakesh Nanda of the Grandview Aesthetics Center prides himself and his practice on the success of their Halo treatments.

Halo is a hybrid, dual wavelength laser that allows us to customize the depth of the treatment to meet the needs of our patients’ conditions and reverse the damage, says Dr. Nanda.

A consultation with Dr. Nanda provides patients with good, better, and best treatment options and allows him to see if incorporating other lasers along with the Halo will give the best results. I am the only one to perform the first laser treatment on my patients, adds Dr. Nanda. It is important for me to see firsthand how the laser will react to the skin and if the treatment plan needs to be adjusted.Following the procedure, a client’s skin will feel hot and must be protected from the sun. Because tanned skin is already damaged and sensitive, the treatment is better when skin is not as exposed and the temperatures are cooler.

Breast Augmentation:


Dr. Robert Heck, MD FACS, of Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery has over 15 years of experience in breast augmentation. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has made it his priority to specialize in this procedure.

My experience allows me to determine what is right for my patients and to perform the procedure to the highest level of satisfaction, says Dr. Heck. Each procedure begins with a very thorough consultation which consists of discussing the process, measuring, taking photos and discussing what options are right for that particular patient. The actual breast augmentation takes only about one hour, and the patient is sent home the same day.

One thing that sets Dr. Heck apart from other doctors is that he sees every patient the very next day. Early follow-up allows any issues to be detected immediately so that they remain minor and prevent any future problems, adds Dr. Heck. In any given week, Dr. Heck can perform 6-8 breast augmentation surgeries for his clients. This is what makes him a specialist in his field. As a result, this time of year gets very busy for Dr. Heck. The breasts take up to three months to settle and look their best, says Dr. Heck. Recovery is best in sports bras or ace wraps under loose fitting clothing – perfect for this time of year!



CoolSculpting is a breakthrough, non-surgical treatment designed to eliminate stubborn fat. It is an FDA approved procedure that produces a controlled freezing of select fat cells. It is ideal for removing fat cells in areas that don’t always respond to diet and exercise, such as abs, mid-section, back, hips and double chins.

Fat cells are gradually and painlessly eliminated through the body’s own metabolic process. Results are noticeable three to eight weeks after treatment, with final results occurring for up to six months.

Our team of highly skilled professionals have the training and technical knowledge necessary to strategically perform and carefully deliver the best results for our patients, says Dr. Carol L. Clinton, MD, FASLMS of Timeless Skin Solutions. Each treatment is customized to the individual patient.

Timeless Skin Solutions also offers DualSculpting which allows for treatment to twice the area in half the time. Immediately following the treatment, clients are able to return to normal activity, even strenuous exercise.

Because CoolSculpting’s ideal results take several months, having the procedures performed in the fall/winter months allows for the full results to occur in time for spring and summer, adds Dr. Clinton. Because some cosmetic procedures may require several steps to complete, getting started in the fall and winter months will enable clients to be ready for the big springtime reveal.

It is important to remember that each procedure and individual is unique, and each specialist interviewed stressed the importance of having a thorough consultation. This can be the last summer of wishing for a better appearance. Armed with information on these innovative procedures offered bythe area’s finest professionals, readers have everything they need to find doctors and services to achieve their desired results.

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