Revive, Rejuvenate, Relax, Restore – Self-care is important now, more than ever


There is a growing desire for new and innovative beauty treatments, to rejuvenate youth, pursue

wellness, and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Many people are seeking ways to alleviate signs of aging, pain, tension, stress, discomfort, and anxiety in a more natural way. The spa industry is constantly evolving.

Spas have become a popular choice for many and are offering more than just your typical salon and spa services. If you are seeking services for hair, nails, facial, massage, laser treatment, fat-eliminating treatment, advanced skin and body care, wellness and holistic experiences, there are great options right here in Columbus.

Read what some of Columbus’ top spas have to offer and how you can start the new year working toward being your best self.

Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Wellness Center


When did your company start? What is the reason for branching out into this area of wellness?
Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (CAPS) was established in 1996. Our five award-winning plastic surgeons at CAPS bring together over 50 years of combined experience to make up the largest private practice in Central Ohio. CAPS welcomed the Wellness Center to their practice in December of 2018. We were able to add an extension to CAPS by working from the inside out.

What makes your company unique?
The structure of the Wellness Center at CAPS allows our providers, Kelly Hall, MD, and Julie Grafmeyer, CNP, to have a comprehensive approach, spending a lot of time with patients to understand their history and to discover the root cause of their health concerns. They do not just treat symptoms. Dr. Hall and Julie combine conventional medicine with natural alternatives to offer individualized plans with real solutions.

“This approach has definitely brought the joy back into practicing medicine for us!”

– Kelly Hall, MD and Julie Grafmeyer, CNP

Areas of specialty?
Our wellness experts search for the root causes that are slowing you down and create custom healing plans with natural, science-based solutions to get you back to being you!

Some of these treatments include:

  • Hormone balancing for women and men
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, including pellet therapy
  • Lifestyle medicine. We partner with our patients to optimize health and well-being through a focus on sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management, and gut health
  • Nutrient Injections
  • Supplements
  • GI-MAP Testing for optimal gut health
  • Numetra, our medical weight loss program

What advice can you share with potential clients/patients who are considering using the services?
We use a 360° wellness approach to identify, plan and treat our clients. We start with a blood draw that will equip us with the insights into what’s causing you trouble and how to empower your body to heal itself. Our wellness experts customize a plan for your individual needs.

Any cool facts about you or your company?
The Wellness Center at CAPS is a great compliment to Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, as CAPS has been making patients, look, feel, and live better. The Wellness Center at CAPS offers the perfect extension of that by working from the inside out!

Our locations feature state-of-the-art medical technology, advanced surgical instruments, relaxing recovery rooms, full medical spas, and shops that sell an extensive array of medical-grade products. With two locations in central Ohio, our patients travel from all over the state to experience our cutting-edge facilities.


Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

Upper Arlington
5005 Arlington Centre Blvd, Upper Arlington, Ohio 43220

Easton Town Center
4030 Easton Station, Suite 260, Columbus, Ohio 43219

PENZONE Salons + Spas


When did your company start? What is the reason for branching out into this area of wellness?
Charles A. Penzone started the company in 1969 with a $500 loan from Huntington Bank and two employees. We were the first to introduce Vidal Sassoon hair cutting techniques to the Midwest and were the first to offer online booking in the 90s! Our three Grand Salon concepts won top industry honors when they opened in the 1990s.

In May of 2018, we rebranded and launched our new concept, PENZONE Salon + Spa in Dublin. It’s a full-service salon and spa with a focus on holistic beauty. Beyond beauty, we offer a café with specialty Crimson Cup coffee, wine + cocktails and cold-pressed juice. We aim for our salons to be a place for self-care + individuality.

What makes your company unique?
We focus on improving lives outside AND in. We’re so proud to be the most awarded salon + spa in America – right here in Columbus, Ohio! In January 2019, we were named the North American Hair Styling Awards “Salon Design of the Year,” and in May were recognized by Salon Today Magazine’s “Salon of the Year!”

A testament to our mantra that beauty comes from the inside, we photograph our guests and don’t photoshop the images! We stand proud on recognizing their true, unique beauty. We align ourselves with the quote, “You are exactly who you need to be.”

What are your areas of specialty?

Microblading – It’s all about the brows, especially when we all don masks in public. Microblading is a technique using semi-permanent makeup to improve or create eyebrow definition. Your expression will be framed, even while wearing a mask!

Facials, Massage + Nail Services – Self-care has never been more important. If maskne is a problem, one of our customized facials can help. Sore muscles will benefit from massage therapy. Forget lipstick, make your nails a priority!

Full-Service Salon – Beauty + self-care under one roof. Fresh cut + color, go COVID-gray, get a fresh blow-out. Visit the “Meet Your Match” tool on to find a hair artist near you.

What can you share with potential guests who are considering these services?
Safety is the new luxury and that is guaranteed with any spa service enjoyed at PENZONE. Our brand is for everyone and anyone! Our new concept caters to the individual needs of our guests. Our artists are the highest trained in the industry.

Any cool facts about you or your company? – Shop on our website + our app. You can shop all the best brands in hair, skin care, nails + body. Shop our specialty boutique items like apparel, books, and hair accessories. Orders can be shipped or placed on reserve at our salon + spa locations for a quick pick-up! Gift wrapping’s free – making gifting a cinch at PENZONE.


PENZONE Salons + Spas
6 Central Ohio locations

True REST Float Spa


When did your company start?
Current owner, Greg Supelak, closed on the purchase and took possession of the existing Columbus area True REST Float Spa location in June 2020.

What was the reason for branching out into this area of wellness?
I always had an interest in self-help, wellness, mental and spiritual health. Through some tough life experiences and career development, I felt it was time to align my interests, my passion, and my future.

What makes your company unique?
True REST – ‘Reduced Environment Stimulus Therapy’

True REST Float Spa provides a unique and amazing experience for clients to achieve internal peace and wellness. Floating provides a way to truly disconnect from the distraction and stress of life. The experience is free from devices, screen, sound, and distractions.  You just simply float. The float experience provides the ability to enter a somewhat meditative (sleep/wake) state. Floatation therapy is an experience that varies depending on certain life situations, time of day, or overall reason for floating.  It ultimately provides a path to lighten the load of heavy mental bandwidth, tension/stress, chronic pain, mental/physical fatigue, insomnia or other sleep difficulty, trauma, and even addiction.

What can you share with potential clients/patients who are considering using the services?
This is the perfect supplement for anyone struggling with any sort of anxiety, depression, stress, pain, trauma, sleep difficulty, or even physical healing and/or muscle recovery. The benefits found in scientific testing continue to support what avid floaters have known for years. You will come away from your float experience with more mental clarity, less social and mental weight, and more motivation to accomplish your goals.

Clients will find that they are easily able to enjoy the full benefit of the experience in as little as one or two sessions. Our float consultants will provide a comfortable environment and assist you in being able to surrender to the experience.

You have your own private suite and complete control of your float experience. There are lights and music inside of the pod, if you wish to add that to your experience, and the water remains skin temperature.

This is the only place you can get mental AND physical relief in just one hour!

Any cool facts about you or your company?
The concept of floating was introduced in the 1950’s. It is said that John Lennon floated to help overcome addiction; Elle MacPherson floated to overcome stress and jetlag at the peak of her career; Tom Brady is rumored to have a float pod in his residence and uses it regularly.

Floating helps alleviate the common discomforts of pregnancy. True REST works closely with the military and veteran associations to support wellness for things such as PTSD. True REST also partners with health and wellness facilities, as floatation therapy is a fantastic supplement for a journey to overcome addictions, trauma, anxiety and eating disorders.

Our memberships offer travel flexibility for use at locations across the United States.


Greg Supelak
4185 Weaverton Lane, Columbus, OH
Powell: 393 W Olentangy St, Powell, OH614-798-8783