Imagine you have a beautiful and bountiful garden filled with a variety of healthy herbs, hardy vegetables and delicious fruits. Thoughtful planning and intentional care went into growing your garden to ensure its nourishment and optimal growth.  As a result, your garden continually produces a harvest full of healthful benefits in which you enjoy and proudly share with those around you.

katrina-levy-zidelNow imagine this garden represents your life and self-love is the seed that has been planted inside of you.  As your seed is nurtured it grows and creates roots that shape you, your experiences and ultimately your life.  Learning how to care for your seed and cultivate your roots is essential to you enjoying the healthful benefits of your life being in full bloom.  These benefits include your health, your happiness, and your overall well-being, all of which grow from a tiny little seed.

Self-love is a rare and unique type of seed, its rarity is because there are no two seeds alike, yet everyone has one. What makes this seed unique is the special type of care that is crucial to its growth.  As hinted in the seeds name, its care is indigenous to only you.  This means that you are solely responsible for your seed’s growth in order for it to fully mature. It might surprise you that having a green thumb is not a prerequisite to growing this seed.  In fact, the majority of us have never had any formal training when it comes to self-love and a manual has yet to be discovered. You may already have a basic understanding for the care that is needed, but the best care you can give is your commitment to spending time, attention, and love with your seed where eventually it will sprout roots.

The roots that grow from your rare and unique seed create an anchor and a circulatory system that will grow in all directions. Your attention is vital at this root level because it will affect everything that comes up and grows in your garden.  There are four roots of significant importance that grow from your seed and nurturing and maintaining them is key to optimal living.

Root One: Self-Awareness – Representing your eyes. It’s you using your eyes to check in and look at yourself objectively, to evaluate the course you are on and to make sure the direction you are headed is in alignment with the integrity of your values and standards.  They also provide a clear vision of where changes need to be made in order to stay on track.

Root Two: Self-Worth – This acts as your best friend.  It’s you validating yourself through, accepting, protecting, celebrating, forgiving, trusting, and loving all of you and believing you are always enough.  It is letting go of needing this validation from anyone else, because no one knows you better than yourself.

Root Three: Self-Development – This is your growth. It’s you being willing to expand yourself and explore new experiences that take you beyond where you have ever gone before. It’s you wanting to improve your life and the life of others by committing to the process of discovering what gives you purpose and brings you joy.

Root Four: Self-Care – This is your health.  It’s you making choices to take care of yourself physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  It’s understanding that these core elements have a lasting effect on you and are necessary to living a healthy and balanced life. You are a better version of you when you have sleep, nutrition, hydration, and physical activity that keeps you energized and fueled from the inside out.

When your life garden is in full bloom it is the result of the attention, care, and nourishment that you have given your seed.  It is a reflection of the love that you have for yourself and it shows in your beliefs, your decisions, your principles, your health, your relationships, and ultimately your happiness.  Self-love is a seed that keeps you grounded, connected with your roots and growing yourself in ways that will continually produce a harvest full of healthful benefits.  Imagine a garden where everyone nurtured their seed of self-love and it continually produced a harvest full of healthful benefits that we all enjoyed and proudly shared together.

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