Tantalizing Tapas


ta·pas /ˈtapəs/ small Spanish savory dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar

A Spanish legend tells of a king who had an illness that caused him to be able to eat only small amounts of food at one time. Small portions of food were also used to satisfy hunger between meals. Spaniards often go “bar hopping” and eat tapas before having dinner.

Enjoying small plates may have started a long time ago, but tapas or appetizers have evolved throughout the ages into a more sophisticated cuisine. We have searched Columbus for some of the most unique tapas. Grab some friends and enjoy!

Whole Grilled Artichokes


Kick off your summer meal with this appetizing plate of lightly seasoned, steamed and grilled artichokes. They are brushed with butter, seasoned with salt and pepper and served with a creole dipping sauce made with mustard, fresh herbs, and lemon juice.

Available at: 3rd & Hollywood
Price: $13.50

Steak Carpaccio


This breathtaking presentation of thinly sliced steak is served with white anchovies, capers, arugula and parmesan. It’s the perfect plate for sharing!

Available at: The Keep
Price: $15

Oysters Rockefeller


This traditional delicacy of the finest oysters, spinach, Mornay sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano, and a touch of Pernod is so decadent that it is a great addition to the table for everyone to enjoy.

Available at: Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse
Price: $23

Lamb Chops


Marinated in the finest of Mongolian flavors, these lamb chops will melt in your mouth. Served over a bed of vegetable fried rice, it is perfect as a shared starter or accompaniment to a happy hour cocktail.

Available at: The Guild House
Price: $19

Deviled Egg


This artful dish might have you thinking it is too pretty to eat! An elegant twist on the traditional deviled eggs, a pickled egg is truffled and topped with chili caviar.

Available at: The Market Italian Village
Price: $6

Red Snapper Ceviche


A playful presentation of this classic Spanish tapa will have you delighted in the freshness of each bite. Red Snapper is marinated in fresh lime juice, red onions and cilantro.

Available at: Sidebar Tapas, Bar & Grill
Price: $10



A classic, artisan cheese board is sure to please your eye and palate. Impressively arranged are a selection of artisan cheeses, cured meats, olive tapenade, truffle honey, house jam, caperberry, grilled sourdough and hickory smoked salt.

Available at: Asterisk Supper Club
Price: $17

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