On January 28, 2017, Columbus Museum of Art welcomed 1,400 guests, in their best black & white attire, to Wonderball 2017. Wonderball featured an installation by local artist Isla Hansen, DJs Charles Erickson and Donnie Mossman, live music by Popgun, a signature cocktail called Cheshire Smile created by Jillian Smith of MOUTON, and bites from some of Columbus’ best eateries. Wonderball raised more than $125,000 to support creativity initiatives in the JPMorgan Chase Center for Creativity at the Columbus Museum of Art.


From top left:  1. Chairs: Larry Smith and Piper Kerman
2. Ashley Priest, Tony Zara
3. Emily Lukasik, Chris Streeter, Nick Weitzel
4. Kevin Terry Smith, Blake Compton, Andrea Schmidt, Molly Bryant
5. Melissa DeGraw, Natalina Fickell, Laurie Tocash, Melanie Mueller
6. Jess Roma, Mike Finissi, Michelle Sceva, Jordan Carter
7. Gregg Peace, Kevin Milstead
8. Mark Lomax II, Jason Williams, Bill Williams
9. Dan Liu, Juliana Farrington, Deanna Farrington
10. Jessica Burton, Tim Morbitzer, Giancarlo Miranda
11. Josh Clark, Jessica Hudson, Erika Clark, Sami Nummi
12. Natalie Thomas, Candy Mota

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